Osteopathy for athletes

In some sustained and intense sports practices, a large number of anatomical structures are massively mobilized.

Whether at the ligamentous, articular, muscular, tendinous or visceral levels, these structures can undergo some important stresses during sports activity.
It is then essential that they be free from any restrictions.

Whatever the level and goals of each athlete, this has a direct impact on general health status.
Indeed, a loss of mobility will lead to an imbalance that is likely to bring about contractions, repetitive tendinitis, joint pain, poor recovery, decreased performance and concentration, stress and a state of chronic exhaustion.
The osteopath will correct all dysfunctions by structural, functional, fascial and visceral techniques in order to increase mobility and joint flexibility, improve performance, prevent injuries and get better recovery.

Thanks to extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, the osteopath plays an essential role in the athlete’s follow-up care.
Whether in a preventive, curative purpose or before a sports event osteopathy allows the athlete to keep his balance and to go on with his physical activity over a long-term prospective.

  • Recovery after an injury (sprain, fracture ...)
  • Preparation before a sporting event
  • Recurrent tendonitis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrom
  • Poor recovery

  • Working with muscle tensions (toxin release)
  • Recovery after a prolonged interruption
  • Pain located to pelvis (sacrum, pubis ..) and coccyx
  • Joint pain (knee, ankle, shoulder ...)
  • Headache

  • Lumbago, neck pain, back pain
  • Sciatica-like pain, cruralgia
  • Falls, trauma